Inside Sales

Margaret Battle

Major in College:
Psychology but I also have a Masters of Education in College Student Affairs Administration

Rich Hale

First Experience with C.C. Creations:
Ordering shirts for spring break in college at Texas A&M

Shay Mariani

Favorite Dessert:
Mom’s Carmel Coconut Pie

Tony Perry

Favorite Part of my Job:
My favorite part of the job is it’s different everyday. Yes, I am still doing the same processes but the clients needs and expectations change everyday. So this job never gets old!

Jacob Ramirez

Favorite Product to Sell:
Comfort Colors.

Doug Williams

First Experience with C.C. Creations:
Played travel softball (way back in the day) for the best team in the State !! C.C. Creations !!

Kayla Whitfield

Favorite Part of My Job:
My favorite part of my job is when my customers receive their items and they’re just as excited about their products as I am. I love seeing hard work and great ideas come to life!


Outside Sales

Libby Fuller

Most Unique Product Sold:
Custom made bronzed tennis shoe trophy