New Year, More Fitness & Health

Jumping into the New Year usually means jumping into a new fitness and health routine for most people. Hitting the gym, eating right, and focusing on your well-being can be tough. Here are some things to help you stay on track of your New Year’s Resolutions and some tools you can use to encourage others whether it be your co-workers, fitness groups, or the community.

Gear Up

**BONUS** The World Health Organization recommends adults 18-64 should do at least 150 minutes of medium-intensity aerobic workouts per week! CLICK HERE for additional recommendations.

Stay Hydrated

  • Never be without your keys and cards with this unique Contigo Kangaroo Waterbottle – 24oz of BPA free fitness bottlesTritan, carabiner handle, and built-in storage compartment
  • Or try this glass fitness bottle with straw and silicone sleeve – 18oz Haven Glass Bottle
  • And then there is this really unique twist, the 11 0z Rumble Bottle with wireless Bluetooth speaker built in!

**BONUS** The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states everyone should be drinking water daily, but recommendations vary so talk to your doctor to see what’s best for you.

Walk the Walk

**BONUS** CLICK HERE for some great tips about running from Runner’s World!

There are tons of products to help your group stay on target with your fitness goals!

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