A Custom Tailgate

Time for a tailgate

It is football season all around the country and that means tailgates! Soon you’ll be heading out to watch your favorite team beat the other team into a pulp.
But! Did you know you could create a custom experience for your event?! Add a personal touch to you next tailgate that will have every person “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing”.

Custom Bottle Opener

This flat, metal bottle opener is the size of a credit card! It can conveniently be placed in your pocket or in your wallet.

This bottle opener is sure to leave an impression on whoever uses it!


Magnetic Kolder Kaddy
Here is a different twist on the always popular can insulator: magnets. This high-quality neoprene (think wet suit material), collapsible can insulator has strong magnets sewn onto one side, designed to turn metal surfaces into a resting place for your drink. It can hold a full can of your favorite beverage.


Now that you are hosting a tailgate for friends and family, you may need a for everyone to hang out in. Enter in your own custom powder-coated steel frame canopy tent! This easy-to-setup tent can be used in a park, a parking lot, the yard, or at your cousin Jimmy’s place (well, you get the idea). The 10’x10’ space will keep everyone shaded and having a good time!


Corn Hole
No tailgate is complete without some games and there ins’t a more classic game than corn hole! Elevate your gaming to another level with your own customized regulation size corn hole game. Decorate these boards from top to bottom so the possibilities are endless!


Eye Black
Maybe you want to show a little extra team spirit this season. We have just the thing for you: custom eye black.

The eye black is made with a thin and breathable material designed specifically for sports performance. Tailgating counts as a sport, right?

Interested in having your tailgate the place to be this season? Stop in, request a quote , or call today to talk with one of our sales representatives to get more info!