Customer Spotlight: Texas A&M Health Promotion

Academic and personal achievements can be guided through many different

avenues, but health and wellness is something students sometimes forget. Studying and practice are going to provide a step up when trying to pass a class or become a better athlete. But how can those achievements be further aided?

Texas A&M Health Promotion provides health and wellness programming, education, and support to students of Texas A&M University.¬†Health and wellness go “beyond the absence of illness or disease. It goes beyond ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’

Maximizing one’s health and wellness potential is an active, lifelong, and dynamic process. Wellness is all about maintaining a happy and balanced quality of life.”

Some of the topics Health Promotion tackles are fitness and nutrition, stress relief, time management, sexual health, and alcohol and/or other drugs. College is a time of freedom and some will let those freedoms get the best of them.

For over five years, Health Promotion has worked with C.C. Creations to create products that will help them continue to provide information to students about making informed and healthy decisions for themselves.

For more information about Health Promotion, please visit: TAMU Health Promotion.

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Facebook: TAMU Health Promotion

Twitter: @TAMU_HP

Instagram: @tamuhealthpromotion

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