Customer Spotlight: TAMU BUILD

A tradition of unity

Texas A&M prides itself on students exemplifying the University’s six traditional core values. Of those values, selfless service is one that appears in the biggest ways. From students donating an entire day for the largest student-run community service project to those joining the armed forces.

BUILD, a student-led organization, has a mission aimed at uniting the student body of Texas A&M through a “large-scale, physically uniting service project.”

Medical Clinics arrives in Jordan.

BUILD calls students from across campus to participate in transforming shipping containers into Texas Aggie medical clinics (TAMCs) in remembrance of the 12 Aggie bonfire victims and Aggie Veterans. Because the containers are created with the intent to impact people in developing countries. In addition, these medical clinics are being sent around the globe to countries such as Guatemala, Haiti, and Costa Rica.

A call to action

One of BUILDs medical clinics located in Soran, Iraq

BUILD converts 40-foot long shipping containers into fully functional medical clinics. Then, they outfit each container with equipment and supplies donated in-kind or acquired at discounted rate key essentials.

Some of these necessities include plumbing, lighting, flooring, electrical outlets, cabinets, air conditioning, and wall-mounted fans.

Medical Bridges, a BUILD partner in Houston, Texas, receives the completed TAMCs with one mission in mind: collect and deploy surplus medical supplies and used equipment to further help those in need.

BUILD’s 2018 Command Team, C-levels, Team Leaders, and Faculty Advisors.

The partnership BUILD has developed with Medical Bridges provides access to equipment and information that may have otherwise been unattainable. Medical Bridges helps with the identification and vetting of  non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are “capable of providing long-term operational support for the TAMCs.”

An overview of a BUILD TAMC.

Amazingly, each completed TAMC has an estimated value of $50,000. As a result, people have received potentially life-saving equipment and supplies they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Members of BUILD are some of the most passionate students we have the privilege to work with. So, we’ve been able to learn more about BUILD and their desire to help those in need over the last fours year.

As of February 2018, BUILD has completed 18 TAMCs and is on track to complete an additional five during the fall.

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