Customer Spotlight: Naveen Jindal School of Management – UT Dallas

Meeting challenges in a changing world

Our world is changing every day. Whether it’s a new technology, new idea, or new way to connect, the world continues to evolve. The Jindal School of Management (JSOM) at UT Dallas’ mission is to meet those challenges. In a time of a rapidly-changing, technology-driven, global society, JSOM conducts relevant research while providing high-quality education to the future business leaders of the world.

Our goal with each business, company, school, or person we work with is to create the most positive relationship possible. Whether we work with someone for one year or for twenty, we strive to provide the same excellence each time. JSOM has been coming to C.C. Creations for only a year, but they are quickly becoming a beloved partner.

Through our partnership with JSOM, we have developed products to help promote the school brand to students, faculty, and staff. This includes apparel, banners, tablecloths and promotional items such as water bottles, pens, stress balls, tumblers, and even earbuds!

Only the best

JSOM has faculty and staff who are dedicated to providing the best experience to each JSOM student and prospective student possible. We see that each and every time we are able to work with them. The passion they have for their program is evident in the process and thought that goes into ordering products from C.C. Creations. It is that dedication and drive that makes us more motivated to provide the same passion to each of our customers as much as possible!

“We love working with C.C. Creations! Tracy Wainscott is our outside sales representative. She is always accommodating and organized. When we have multiple projects running at the same time – she does a great job in regards to keeping all of the orders organized and the timeline running smoothly. When we are looking for new ideas – she provides us with recommendations for new products.”

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