Embroidery Has Us in Stitches

Beyond screen print

At C.C. Creations, we’ve made a name for ourselves through our superior screen printing capabilities. Over 35 years of printing at a high level will do that! We are not ones to rest on our laurels though.

Grey/white cap on an embroidery machine receiving a green and orange embroider logo.

Grey/white cap on an embroidery machine receiving a green and orange embroidered logo.

We are not just the “t-shirt place.” We are also your “embroidery place.” Yes, that’s right, we do embroidery, and we do it at as high a level as our screenprint! We will give you a second to pick your jaw up off of the floor!

Yes, we can do more than just embroider your company’s name on a polo. We can put your brand on:

  • caps
  • polos
  • jackets
  • aprons
  • beanies
  • well…you get the idea.

Why embroidery?

“C.C. Creations, why should we embroider a polo when we can just screen print a shirt and call it a day?”

Thank you for the question! Don’t get us wrong, screen printed shirts are amazing (we never get tired of good ol’ ink on

a cotton tee), but there’s a chance it might not be the most impactful product for your particular need. If your business has a more business casual dress code, then a nice embroidered button down or polo would be the best bet!

Bright neon orange and gray cap with a bright neon orange 3D embroidered deer logo.

3D embroidered cap gives your logo an elevated look.

Outside of an office setting, hats are a great giveaway item to help enhance a brand’s visibility. Who doesn’t love a good looking cap? In fact, 41% of U.S. consumers own a promotional cap or headwear item! That’s a lot of potential noggins ready for a nice 3D embroidered cap!

One-stop shop

Next time you are thinking about outfitting your staff or want to take your logo to all new heights, C.C. Creations is your go-to place! Placing an embroidery order with us is just as easy as our screen print ordering process!

Big Event at Texas A&M wearing custom embroidered polos with their logo in maroon while giving a thumbs up (gig 'em)

Big Event is all smiles and thumbs up in their custom embroidered polos!

If you want more information on our custom options, you can stop in, request a quote , or call today to talk with one of our sales representatives!