Maroon Out | A Partnership Born in Tradition

The Tradition

From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. And from the inside looking out you can’t explain it. There is one thing that separates Texas A&M from every other university in the nation, and that’s the ability to uphold traditions. However, it would be nearly impossible to preserve and enhance the traditions if it weren’t for the Class Councils of Texas A&M. The Maroon Out cover organization strives to serve and unite the student body and enhance traditions for the Aggie community. It hosts several school traditions such as Maroon Out, Elephant Walk, Ring Dance, and many others.

The Maroon Out story began in 1998 when Nebraska came to College Station to defend their 1997 National Champions title against the Aggies in a regular conference game. But a few good Ags managed to deck out Kyle Field in a sea of maroon when the student body participated in the first-ever Maroon Out game. Over 31,000 maroon shirts were printed and distributed to Aggie fans leading to a national shortage in maroon t-shirts. Through the unity and spirit of current and former students alike, Texas A&M was able to edge out Nebraska with a 28-21 lead. Within the last minute of the game, an interception made by the Aggies sealed one of the biggest upsets in school history.

The Impact

When you think of Maroon Out you may just associate it with a shirt worn during a specific game each year, but the reality is it’s more than just a Maroon Out Infographicshirt. It encompasses the core values Aggies hold true to their hearts. For over 20 years, Maroon Out has united the Fightin’ Texas Aggies in more than just a presence felt at Kyle Field. They have gone above and beyond to ensure every Aggie leaves A&M better than how they found it. With 55% of the profits made from selling the Maroon Out shirts going towards class gifts and 25% going towards scholarship endowment, it is safe to say they are all in and committed to the student body.

The Partnership

As a long-standing partner of Maroon Out, we believe in the tradition, spirit, and unity of the Twelfth Man the organization inspires. Our collaboration with the Maroon Out team includes the initial development of the newest design and marketing initiatives and campaigns throughout each stage. We also drive shirt sales through quality production and retail space. C.C. Creations strives to support the organization’s mission and leadership team for not only this year’s success, but to sustain the tradition for years to come. We know it’s “more than a shirt.”

“We truly couldn’t do what we do without C.C. Creations. They are extremely flexible with us and go out of their way to make sure that we have what we need in order to be successful. Maroon Out is such a unique tradition that unites all Aggies, both young and old, and we are so thankful to be partnering with a family company who cares about our mission and impacting the Bryan/College Station Community,” said Mallory Johnson, Head Director 2018.

Maroon Out and C.C. Creations

This year’s Maroon Out game is set against Ole Miss on November 10, 2018.

To purchase this year’s Maroon Out shirt, you can visit the organization on campus Thursday and Friday at Rudder Plaza from 10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. during the fall semester or in Rudder Plaza on gamedays starting 3 hours prior to kick off.

Or visit us in-store at The Warehouse at C.C. Creations or 24/7 online at

To learn more about Maroon Out, visit their website:

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter: @MaroonOut

And check out this cool video of Texas A&M football players reliving some of their Maroon Out game memories for last year’s 20th Anniversary.