Customer Spotlight: The Theatre Company

All the world’s a stage

Theatre is an art that has stood the test of time for thousands of years and displays some type of performance in every culture. The desire to watch stores unfold in a staged performance has always had its appeal. Bryan-College Station is no exception.

Theatre stars rehearsing

Rehearsing for Disney’s Tarzan the musical.

The Theatre Company of Bryan-College Station is a community theater performance group dedicated to the presentation of high-quality productions suitable for family audiences at an affordable price.

The Theatre Company is currently in their 30th season. Each year they continue to push themselves to new limits through their shows. As a result, being able to produce successful season after successful season is a testament to their dedication to providing community enrichment through artistic and educational components that accompany The Theatre Company productions.

An artistic community

Over the years we have been working with The Theatre Company, we’ve seen a community grow artistically. Even though the Twin Cities tend to have headlines dominated by ongoing sports-related events, The Theatre Company has been able to stand out. This is a direct result of the countless people who have poured hundreds of hours into each production. Whether they are going Into the Woods for the first time, revisiting the halls of ol’ Rydell High, or making a stop in Oz, The Theatre Company strives to bring theatre to everyone.

 Theatre set development

Cast & crew working on the set for Sondheim’s Passion/Assassins.

In addition to their hard work, they also accomplish part of this through their custom shirts and other advertising projects we have been able to help with.

Do you think you might have the acting bug? Or perhaps you are more of a “behind the scenes” type of person? Head out to one of the open auditions for their 6-7 musical productions they host every year. Who knows, you could be the next Lin-Manuel Miranda!

Break a leg this season and here’s to at least 30 more!

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