Customer Spotlight: Calleva Outdoor Adventures

Adventure is calling at camp

Humans have always had an itch for exploration. Many times, that sense of adventure leads us to venture out into the great outdoors and beyond. And for some, the need to be outdoors drives them directly to Camp Calleva. For over 20 years, Calleva has built a reputation as an innovator in outdoor education. As a year-round outdoor education camp on the Potamac River, they do everything from paddling to high adventure.

Calleva branded waterbottles.

Calleva branded waterbottles.

Nick, Alex & Matt Markoff initially founded Calleva as a small summer camp modeled after Valley Mill Camp. However, it is quickly growing and developing its own unique brand of outdoor adventure and now has over 100 school and community partners in the DC metropolitan area.

In the winter, they host Snow Club skiing and snowboard adventures. Plus, if you’re looking for a good scare, you can head over to Markoff’s Haunted Forest. It is a top rated haunt in the country!

Being able to work with a vast array of customers gives a glimpse into how fanatical people can be about something they truly care about. Merinda Goodman, C.C. Creations sales representative who works with Calleva on their projects, can attest to their passion and dedication.

Calleva staff members standing on rock formation.

Calleva staff member stands tall.

“They are some of the most passionate people I have ever met. They believe in the work they do and value relationships just like we do.  Our platform may be t-shirts, but theirs is the outdoors,” says Goodman.

More than meets the eye

While Calleva might be known for their grand outdoor adventures, they do have a few “hidden” gems! There are horse adventures for those wanting to build a relationship with horses. Most of all, there is a focus on the recreational and therapeutic values of horses while maintaining the highest standards of safety, education & skill.

Calleva staff pose for a picture after training session.

Calleva staff pose for a picture after a training session.

Maybe their biggest “secret” is their farm! They “listened to the soil” and planted a future. So the farm allows for educational farm practices in a wide array of vegetables, grains, and fruits.

It’s clear, Calleva has a simple mission: get people of all ages outdoors, providing educational and challenging environments that promote personal growth, group cooperation, and leadership skills through outdoor activities.

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