Production floor

The Screen Print Company

Humble beginnings

Early C.C. Creations production warehouse

After more than 35 years in the industry and growing to the largest screen print and embroidery production company in Texas, you may know C.C. Creations as the screen print or t-shirt company. But like many other great companies, we’ve grown from really humble beginnings to employing more than 350 people and serving thousands of customers across the nation.

Starting in a small shop in downtown Bryan, C.C. Creations only had two manual screen print machines and a few staff members. True to our core values, those dedicated employees were never satisfied and kept pushing themselves to be the best at what they did. And it definitely paid off. To date, we’ve grown from those two small manual machines to 15 brand new automatic presses. Now, the C.C. Creations team runs on two operating shifts which helps us print shirts and other apparel close to 24 hours a day!  Between the manpower and machine power, our screen print team has the capacity to produce over 35,000 prints a day! WOAH!

Screen print process

Using a system of mesh screens and squeegees to push the ink through the stencil-like template, each color of the design is layered on top of each other onto the shirt to create our customer’s full design. Once completed, it’s sent through a hot dryer on a conveyer belt so the ink cures. And at the end, the shirt is ready to wear!

Ink being pushed through the screen with a squeegee

Ink being pushed through the screen with a squeegee

Using plastisol ink, we carry over 210 stock ink colors to choose from! The options include a variety of Pantone colors plus specialty inks like glow-in-the-dark and liquid metallics! Check them out HERE! Don’t see one you like? Then, we can always custom mix for a nominal fee!

Also, we have quick-turn production available and tons of apparel ideas to help customers with a variety of project sizes and apparel needs. We’re here to help whether it be your next favorite t-shirt, your team’s jerseys, or pajama bottoms for your camp. Above all, we’re ready to become your screen print company!

If you would like more information on our custom options, you can stop in, request a quote , or call today to talk with one of our sales representatives!

Want to see the full screen print process? Check this out!