C.C. Creations Custom Online Store

If you have ever been the t-shirt chair of your organization, you know how hard it is to design a shirt and collect sizes and money from everyone. Now, gone are the days of the paper and pencil order-taking. Let us do the work for you! With the C.C. Creations Online Store, ordering and fundraising have never been so easy.

The Features

In the snap of the fingers

FUNDRAISING – Fundraising for your organization has never been faster or easier. Our team can offer great suggestions to maximize your fundraising opportunity through your custom C.C. Online Store!

CONVENIENCE – So easy to use, its just like shopping in a store! The group organizer can track sales progress on a special admin page. Plus, you can display and offer multiple products all in one place!

SECURITY – Make each order with confidence knowing each transaction is processed with the highest level of security.


Here’s How Is Works!


  1. Design and Merchandise:  Let our team help you design the perfect apparel and products for your store.
  2. Set a Timeframe for Ordering: Our expert sales team can help you decide how long your store should stay open for your organization to shop based on when you need to distribute.
  3. Share! Share the store link with your organization in as many ways as you can!  Email, social media, organization website – get the word out and encourage everyone to visit your online store!   Don’t forget to send out reminders so you can ensure everyone has an opportunity to order before the store closes.
  4. Get the decorated product:  Once the store closes and everyone has had an opportunity to order, our incredible production team will produce your perfectly designed product and have it ready for your specific order contact to distribute to individual buyers when needed.

Who Can Use It?

The C.C. Creations online store is great for:

Shopping in an online store has never been easier!

  • Schools, PTOs, and Booster Clubs
  • Student Groups
  • Teams
  • Non-Profits
  • Churches and Youth Groups
  • Staff Apparel Orders

Let us help you determine if a C.C. Creations Online Store is a fit for your project!

Stop in, request a quote , or call today to talk with one of our sales representatives to get more info!